YOLO Stand Up Paddle Race #4 Report

Once again, we had magnificent weather for the race last night. The wind was light providing smooth waters across the Destin Harbor. Competitors paddled against a swift outgoing tide from the harbor to the East Pass bridge and then were helped by the same current for their return trip. Times were fast with most competitors making the turn marker in about two minutes and returning in about a minute and a half. Team Yololitas finished strong for the victory in the first heat. In the men’s heat, Aqua Surf Shop prevailed and now sits atop the overall series standings. The fifth and final race of the series will be September 18th at Seaside. This last race will be held in the Gulf waters. This should up the ante and provide an opportunity for the teams with wave experience to shine. The last race will be wrapped up with a reception and awards party at Bud and Allie’s. See you there!

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