Sea Turtle Awareness Tour Party at Seaside

Sea Turtle Awareness Tour 2009
A Free Concert Series for Sea Turtle Education
“Keep Them in the Dark”

Join us for an evening of LIVE music by acoustic duo MaMuse, and soloist Cody Copeland, food by Vegan Chef Jamie Dietrich, and commercial release party plus blooper reel! Beer and wine will be served.

Where: Raw and Juicy in Seaside
When: April 20th, 2009
Time: 6-10pm
Who: MaMuse, Cody Copeland, Sea Turtles!
What: A fundraiser to promote the Sea Turtle Awareness Tour, commercial release party,

A FREE concert series touring Florida to promote awareness of the State’s sea turtle nesting season. (May- Oct.)
The Sea Turtle Awareness tour is making stops throughout Florida in April as sea turtle nesting season nears. Live acoustic music and education combine creating a family friendly environment to learn about sea turtles and simple ways that humans can lessen their impact on turtle nesting beaches. The tour focuses on the effects of coastal lighting with regards to nesting and hatching sea turtles.

Media Contact:
Justin Yates
C: 530-416-0092
O: 530-600-0034

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