Southbound and Down…Paddle In Florida!

We are on the road working our way to South Florida. After an overnight in Gainesville, we spent a couple of days with friends in Indian Rocks Beach, near St. Pete. We took two nice paddles along the canals and intracoastal waterway. On one of the trips we were treated to some play time with a couple of manatees! Speaking of play time, attached is a pic of Dylan and Tommy winding their way up the canal…and a shot of Tracey on her first YOLO ride!




4 thoughts on “Southbound and Down…Paddle In Florida!

  1. Rowena

    Tina, I hope that you will again feel the love that prompted you to make that ploliw initially. I hope there are some precious memories the ploliw will allow you to remember. We all cherish something concrete that holds our deepest sorrows and highest joys. This must be yours. HUGS,patty

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