Wiggins Pass Paddle Session

I paddled Wiggins Pass state park in Naples Florida this morning. This is a beautiful spot. A narrow and shallow pass, the water was moving swiftly out to sea. No problem on the YOLO board though. I worked my way into the lagoon from the gulf and was treated to a variety of wildlife with herons and osprey, fish, shrimp and shells upon shells upon shells. The water was not quite as clear as back home in Blue Mountain waters, but the abundance of things to see makes up for it! I hope to return a few times before we leave. Photos soon…

Dylan & Dad

2 thoughts on “Wiggins Pass Paddle Session

  1. Melissa

    Hi there. I just moved to Naples and the Wiggin Pass paddle you did sounds great. It is certainly beautiful around here. I’m interested in trying out a YOLO board, but have no idea where to go here in Naples. Do you happen to have a reccommendation of any place around here where I might take a lesson and try it out?


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