YOLO SUP Race Series 2009- race #4 results

Our fellow YOLO’ers must be living right cause all of Walton County was drenched in rain this evening…except Western Lake and the crowd gathered at Watercolor to witness race #4 of the Aesthetic Clinique/ YOLO Stand Up Paddle Board Series. We enjoyed a cool breeze off the lake and good company up on the bridge as our racers duked it out for the YOLO crown and bragging rights!
The results from tonights ladies race:
1- On The Coast Magazine
2-Team Unbalanced
3-Balance Health Studio
4-World Six Boutique
7-Big Daddy’s Buns in the Sun
Results from the Men’s race:
1-South Walton Lifeguards-Black
2-Wells Fargo Advisors
3-South Walton Lifeguards-Gold
4-Sunset Beach Services
6-Lazer Awesome!
7-The New Orchard Group
8-Team Archer

The final race of this series will be held on Thursday August 13th…An extravaganza is in the works, details to be announced soon!
See more pics from the race by Chandler Williams at: www.modusphotography.com. Click on the CLIENT LOGIN button and enter watercolor2 for password.

One thought on “YOLO SUP Race Series 2009- race #4 results

  1. Eugene

    How does it make you feel now? Does it remind you how snortg and beautiful you are? Has the sorrow associated with it turned into something else? Can you see it and remember the joy before the pain?

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