2009 YOLO Race Series Final

For many surfers, summer time along the Gulf Coast typically brings mixed blessings.   Longer days and warm clear water make comfortable  surf sessions lasting till 9 pm possible…  no missing a swell because of day job interference.  The down side has always been the reduced frequency of swell events sometimes stretching for a several weeks between sessions (longer if you haven’t learned the joy of longboarding).

Over the past two summers, YOLO and the local groundswell movement of stand up paddle boarders have been working to fill that summer swell gap.  This summer has flown by in a good way.  The YOLO race series has made good use of that extra daylight and constant desire to be on the water.  We have enjoyed some spectacular races in beautiful places.  The variety of race venues  has re-introduced many of us to the excitement of exploring new locations to play.  The gatherings have reminded us of the joy of discovering new friends to play with!  I think this captures the childhood essence of summer some adults only vaguely remember… essentially, it is a season that promises more opportunity to enjoy life outdoors and more time to play with friends.

So what have we done this summer?  We played outside with our friends.  Very simple, very easy!  And, along the way we have  crowned new queens and kings of summer, our new champions for the 2009 YOLO Stand Up Paddle Board Race Series.  Congratulations to teams “On The Coast Magazine”, and “South Walton Lifeguards”!  And congratulations to everyone who played like a kid in the summertime …You Only Live Once, now go play outside!
Photo: Modus Photography

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