Blue Mountain Visits the Hill

… Capitol Hill that is.  We are in Washington DC today on a mission for the Surfrider Foundation and for anyone who enjoys a visit to the Beach!  We will be present for a Supreme Court hearing tomorrow. FL DEP vs. Stop the Beach Renourishment (formerly) “Save Our Beaches” (hereafter referred to as S.O.B.)
 S.O.B. ironically wants to save the beach for the few who can buy their way onto it.  This is a convoluted case even beyond the misleading catch phrase names for the organizations petitioning.  While the DEP is advocating Dredge and Fill beach “Nourishment” (not a preferred beach management solution) their essential position that the beaches are public is important enough to stand with them on this one.  You may have noticed the abundance of bullying signs going up along the Emerald Coast, threatening prosecution for simply stepping foot on our beaches.  (Check out the statute cited sometime and usually you will find that it does not exist, or if it does, has little or no bearing on beach access) Well, this case could help re-assert the publics right to traverse and enjoy the beach. This is our interest in the case. The actual legal matter is regarding whether the florida court effected a “judical taking” with it’s earlier decision. We’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Blue Mountain Visits the Hill

  1. JwM

    Definitely interested in seeing the outcome of all this. It’s atrocious what they are trying to do, and not just here.

  2. Myra

    Great position, more ppleoe need to share things resembling this on the internet. Would seem almost too hard to find information anymore because everyone is just posting crap. Finally a blog I can pursue with no crap!

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