School’s Out Due To Oil Disaster !

Due to the unfortunate oil disaster in the Gulf, Blue Mountain Surf will not be scheduling a “Surf’s Cool” program until further notice. With petroleum fumes in the air and undisclosed chemicals in the water, I just can’t justify taking health risks with other people’s children.
That said, I personally continue to surf as often as possible, savoring every last wave. I will be glad to provide Individual lessons for adults and even private lessons for families but on a day by day basis as the conditions allow. We have had plenty of days where I allow my own 8 year old son in the water, and a few where I would not. If it looks and smells nice out… let’s surf!

Check out this brief video form Dylan’s surf session last week:
Dylan @ Surfing Blue Mountain Beach

7 thoughts on “School’s Out Due To Oil Disaster !

  1. Charu

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