About Blue Mountain Surf…

Blue Mountain Surf is an expression of passion for our local surf and skate lifestyle.  In Blue Mountain Beach Florida, we have the luxury of clear blue waters, tall white sand dunes, and rolling hills.  Our surf oscillates between arm burning outside sandbar breaks and playful inside peelers.  When the surf goes flat, we always have skate hills to bomb and paths to cruise.

Mike Sturdivant has been surfing the Gulf Coast for 30 years. He has taught surfing in children’s camps, private lessons, and school programs for the Seaside Neighborhood School and the Ohana Institute. He also chairs the Emerald Coast Chapter of the non-profit Surfrider Foundation.

Our custom skateboard building began as a way to re-purpose bamboo flooring scraps and has evolved into an ongoing experiment in hight tech materials and lamination techniques. Our skateboards are light and responsive cruisers, meant to re-create the smooth surfing feel of a nice bottom turn.  They pump well and will encourage you to skate for miles.  We use high quality materials and components, so, these boards are not for everyone.   However, for those who appreciate local hand craftsmanship, fine wood, and a classic surf feel, look no further than Blue Mountain Boards!