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Skate Decks for the Holidays!

We have several new skate decks available for the holidays! Cruiser boards 36″ -33″ made from a variety re-purposed bamboo, oak, poplar and a few other random woods. Boards can be cut to your specs. If you want a squash tail or double ender, no problem! The decks have 6oz fiberglass finish top and bottom and are light and responsive. Deck alone is yours for just $80. Nice quality complete builds starting around $200. Deck your halls with seriously big wheels on awesome Revenge trucks, $235! Blue Mountain Board Factory


School’s Out Due To Oil Disaster !

Due to the unfortunate oil disaster in the Gulf, Blue Mountain Surf will not be scheduling a “Surf’s Cool” program until further notice. With petroleum fumes in the air and undisclosed chemicals in the water, I just can’t justify taking health risks with other people’s children.
That said, I personally continue to surf as often as possible, savoring every last wave. I will be glad to provide Individual lessons for adults and even private lessons for families but on a day by day basis as the conditions allow. We have had plenty of days where I allow my own 8 year old son in the water, and a few where I would not. If it looks and smells nice out… let’s surf!

Check out this brief video form Dylan’s surf session last week:
Dylan @ Surfing Blue Mountain Beach

Blue Mountain Visits the Hill

… Capitol Hill that is.  We are in Washington DC today on a mission for the Surfrider Foundation and for anyone who enjoys a visit to the Beach!  We will be present for a Supreme Court hearing tomorrow. FL DEP vs. Stop the Beach Renourishment (formerly) “Save Our Beaches” (hereafter referred to as S.O.B.)
 S.O.B. ironically wants to save the beach for the few who can buy their way onto it.  This is a convoluted case even beyond the misleading catch phrase names for the organizations petitioning.  While the DEP is advocating Dredge and Fill beach “Nourishment” (not a preferred beach management solution) their essential position that the beaches are public is important enough to stand with them on this one.  You may have noticed the abundance of bullying signs going up along the Emerald Coast, threatening prosecution for simply stepping foot on our beaches.  (Check out the statute cited sometime and usually you will find that it does not exist, or if it does, has little or no bearing on beach access) Well, this case could help re-assert the publics right to traverse and enjoy the beach. This is our interest in the case. The actual legal matter is regarding whether the florida court effected a “judical taking” with it’s earlier decision. We’ll keep you posted.

Surf Spooktacular and Monster Paddle Report

What started with a scare ended with shrieks of joy!  Rain threatened the start of our event but was nothing to this freakish group of watermen and women.  Paddlers from as far away as Tallahassee spooked the Destin Harbor today.  We saw costumes of every variety… spooky, funny and a couple that still have me scratching my head and asking what was that?  We witnessed the maiden voyage of the oil rig”S.S. Not The Answer”.  She did capsize once in heavy wind and sea, but her faithful captain Jack Slattery stayed with the ship and landed safely on Noriega Point.  We also raised money to help Surfrider finance more rigs and hopefully keep the real monstrosities away from our beaches!  Watch this page for plenty of pictures to come soon!

Beach Photos with Santa!


Join Blue Mountain Surf for pictures with Santa!  On two Sundays during November (8th & 22nd) we will be offering photo ops with the Big Kahuna himself…beachside!   Bring the family and get a leg up on your holiday cards.  We will have two photo options…  our camera or yours!  Just $10 for you do it yourselfers…or $20 and we’ll take the shot- crop- edit-and e-mail you the finished file!  If you want a gazillion printed, we’ll point you in the right direction to several local printing options.  For times and location, or to arrange a private session,  e-mail us at

Surf School @ Back to Nature Festival!

Blue Mountain Surf will be contributing to the Back To Nature Festival this weekend at Seaside. We’ll be running a brief version of our school to give a taste of surfing to local children. For registration and to find out more about the weekend of great family activities go to the “B2N” website!


We had a great time and witnessed more kids enjoying their first wave.  Nothing better than that first wave smile! Have a look for yourself, link to pictures from the Surf School coming soon!