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Surf School Supplies for Purchase!






The Blue Mountain Surf School is almost in session and school has never been more fun!  A limited number of Blue Mountain Surf School items are available for purchase.  If you know that your young surfer will hit the waves again and again, consider these basic items to make their experience comfortable.  These are the same items we will use during the school.

Use our contact page to reserve your items. Check back soon for online ordering.

“Surf’s Cool!”  Rashguards ($25)









These rashguards protect your belly from abrasion caused by laying on the wax (and sand) on the deck of a surfboard! They also provide excellent sun protection (UPF 50+). The light color reflects more sun. When wet, a gentle sea breeze adds a cooling effect.  Super comfy for all day play!

“Surf’s Cool!”  Wetsuits ($45):









We searched high and low for a great kids wetsuit. These suits are high quality neoprene and custom made for our school! Little bodies can  chill quickly so, kids need extra thermal protection in order to keep having fun for hours. The superior design of these suits makes them better than the ones you’ll find elsewhere:

  • The no sleeve, “overall” shape means little arms can move freely and stay strong longer!
  • Over the shoulder Velcro closure means easy entry and exit and no zipper to rub, stick or break!
  • Unique closure allows the suit to grow with your child or to be shared between kids several inches taller or shorter!
  • One suit can be used for several seasons.  Way cheaper than buying new suits after each growth spurt!

New Future Fins

Here are two of Blue Mountain Surf’s favorite new products: the Future hatchet center fin and a new vector foiled longboard sidebite.  The center fin has been available as a custom handmade fin for a few years but until now it came at a hefty handmade price. Now in regular production, everyone will have the chance to launch big airs on their performance longboards!







Review notes: Well, I have had several months to try out my new fins. I have waited to comment as we have had only a few good sized swells since Spring. I am glad I waited, because initially I was slightly disapointed. On head high waves, the hatchet was a bit slower than my usual 7 inch cutaway. On several sessions, I quickly changed back to my usual setup and scratched my head wondering what was gong on. Finally Hurricane Bill sent us some real juice and after getting my fill with the 7.5 and vector sidebites, I made the switch. Let me start by saying I was loving the session already. I had not missed a single drop and was feeling confident and in control. When I put in the hatchet it felt like I had a new suspension. My turns were smoother, a tad bit more drawn out. My snaps were still strong off the top but now I was not over-rotating them, I had more control, and still had plenty of speed! The near double overhead and barreling conditions brought this fin to life! So now I plan on using the hatchet whenever it’s over head and a half. Bill was just the second storm to make landfall this season. I hope to report back soon!